Do you dream of going to the Moon?

Perhaps you are one of those who prefer to have their feet on the (Earth’s) ground?

The industrious folks with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) have a plan that sure to please both parties. You can have your NAME sent to the Moon (or to orbit around the Moon. The names will be written on a microchip placed on the spacecraft. Not a bad method for getting over a million people to the Moon, eh? You’ve only got until July 25th , so check it out today.

LRO is the first of the missions whose goal is to return to the Moon and go to Mars. It is, as one can tell from the webpage, based at Goddard Space Flight Center. However, the pages associated with the mission can tell you far more than I can about the mission, so visit, explore, and learn. That’s why the pages are there afterall.


Now perhaps the Moon is just a bit ambitious for you. Maybe you just wish you could be at Goddard Space Flight Center and hear from the people involved in LRO, GLAST (Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope), the upcoming Hubble service mission, or any of the other countless projects going on there.

Well, itunes has come to the rescue.

GSFC has started a video cast which will be available (free of course) on itunes. Check out the Goddard Shorts page and subscribe today.