Jeans for Genes Day: Credit Flickr user: mijori

Warning: There is equivocation of homonyms in this post!

There was a time, somewhere in the haze of middle school, when I thought one key to popularity was to have the clothes which the cool kids had. Never mind that I went to a parochial school with white-poloed, navy panted uniforms, it was the ‘dress down’ days which concerned me. I thought objects like clothes and cologne, and haircuts mattered in the quest to be liked (and perhaps, in middle school, they did). As a result,I desired to have the types of jeans which the most popular kids sported when not in uniforms. I thought these where the overpriced, baggy, sloppy sort of pants which my parents would never buy for me and for which I dared not ask them. So, instead I settled for relaxed fit.

Now a study from the academia I call home (rather, my second home), Michigan State University, suggests that popularity may in fact be influenced by genes!

As described in the link above, the researcherss sampled DNA from a group of male college students and had them interact. After a period of time, each person filled out a questionarie. Results suggested that the most popular students were most often those with a gene linked to ‘trouble making.’ Previous studies have suggested that riskiness or at least rule-breaking influences popularity in the adosolent bunch.

Well I guess I never had the right genes anyway.

Image Credit: Flickr User: mijori