Suddenly there seems to be an abundance of very interesting press releases at Science Daily and Nature.

Here’s the summary:

-A New Approach to ‘Cloaking’

Researchers from BAE, Towson, and Purdue have developed a method for rending an object invisible which does not require the use of metamaterials and can cover the full visible spectrum. In their experiment they cloaked an object the width of human hair!

Press Release from Purdue (HT to ScienceDaily for story)

-Super DVD’s in the Future?

Australian researchers have developed a way to store well over a terrabyte of memory on a diskthe size of a DVD. Using wavelength and polarization as additional ‘dimensions’ the researchers can store and retrieve much more information than on an ordinary DVD which normally uses a single wavelength and polarization for storage. Though serious technological hurtles remain, the developers suggest that in the next decade, commericial protypes could be produced.

Press Release from Swinburne: (HT to ScienceDaily)

Nature News Story (subscription or academic access may be required)

Nature Article (subscription or academic access required for whole article, but abstract available)

I’ll post some more tomorrow.