Autumn arrivest at MSU in 2007 or 2008

Autumn arrives at MSU in 2007 or 2008

A month into autumn and it is finally beginning to show in Washington DC! The leaves, so slow to turn, are revealing their hidden fire. The air, once warm and sultry, turned cold and damp with furious speed last week, though in perfect autumn tradition, the weather has since become milder. Soon I expect to see squirrels scampering about the ground with cheeks puffed full of nuts ready for storage.

The in-between seasons, spring and autumn, are the most emotional and mysterious. In their rapid changing, it is like the whole world becomes a series of metaphors. Spring breathes hope and nervous excitement, like one falling in love for the first time. All the world waits for something wonderful-the return of life. Autumn is comfort and shelter from the cold and harshness of ‘things as they are.’ It is all of nature humbled by its own frailty, the bombastic days of summer since past. Yet, autumn is also beauty and vibrancy, an experience of love in its own way, filled with admiration of something bigger than oneself. Like a mind made wise by age, the world is aflame and sharpened. While spring is novelty, autumn is pure admiration-it is wonder!

On and off during these first two months of graduate school I have had moments of heavy nostalgia for my undergraduate institution, Michigan State.  I have missed sights and traditions, friends and the comfort of familiarity. Once more thrown into a sea far larger than myself, I have felt lost or alone or ignorant. It has been rough and frustrating at times. Yet October, that noble month, has reminded me that despite my impatience, it’s been only eight or so weeks since school started. Each time I miss the comfort of my undergraduate days in Michigan, I am reminded  later in some way that I do have many friends here already, that I have an incredible opportunity in attending graduate school, that this adjustment to the ‘real world,’ outside of campus and dorm life, is a  necessary part of adulthood which I was able to avoid as an undergraduate,and  I am humbled by the imperfections which are sometimes revealed by my impatience.

Change continues it’s endless task and time the for harvest has once more returned. Autumn arrives and Orion is rising in the southeast.

Autumnus advenit et focillor ignes Spiritus Sancti! (Autumn has come and I am warmed by the fire of the Holy Spirit)