I have as a goal for the semester to write more…really. I’m serious. I have fun projects coming up like researching the history of the physics department at my university (apparently it started in the 1890s and there was once an on campus observatory).

In the meantime here’s a question: What are you wondering about?

Right now, besides time independent time perturbation theory, which is more likely making me want to pull my hair (ok my textbook’s inefficacy  is making me want to pull my hair not the theory), I’m wondering this: Why didn’t anyone on Lost ever use the fact that they had watches to estimate their longitude using the sun or some stars (someone on the plane had to have had an astronomy magazine with a star chart, it was a big plane) or use the southern cross to estimate their latitude? Wouldn’t have helped them get rescued–but it would have let them know where they were.

*So a friend convinced me that I need to know about this show called Lost which I watched a bit during my senior year of high school but didn’t follow at all in college and in which I now am 5 years behind….hence this wondering, I’m only in season 2.