It is time to start writing again, even as my summer passes and fills with more activity, ushering in a most hectic academic year.

There is much worth discussing every week. For example, this past week saw the dissemination, then denial, the modification and further denial of rumors of rumors about the detection of the Higgs Boson at Fermilab. The sources of the rumors of rumors are responding to criticism with a discussion on the importance of engaging the public. I agree that engaging the nonscientific public in science is important, not in the least since they fund it. However, rumors? They chose a risky path. Still, if I heard a rumor, which I honestly believed to be true, about the discovery of the Higgs boson, I would have great difficulty in containing myself. My great excitement this week related to reading papers about dark stars, which I’ll discuss here at a later time.

Outside of science, a great discussion which came to my mind this week that I find worth discussing is the need for an annotated copy of Les Miserables. So many now obscure French references fill that book but when I take the time to seek out explanations of who Babeuf and Lacenaire and Quenisset (see September 13, 1841) were my experience becomes all the richer.