I am a graduate student in physics in a medium sized department a large-ish Catholic research university. My primary research interests are in astrophysics, most especially cosmochemistry and nuclear astrophysics, and in astrobiology and the search for exoplanets. Currently I’m studying elemental abundances in cool giants.

I wonder about most everything. The desire to know more about a universe I find incredibly beautiful and strange and exciting motivated me to go into the sciences (along with the colorful history of physics). This blog is a place where I hope to share scientific news I find interesting, reflections on life as a graduate student, advice to younger students (as unqualified as I am to give it), and generate discussions on important topics like science education and outreach. Really though it’s just an outlet for my wonder…so that I  get fewer strange looks from the other graduate students when I go on soliloquies about science and life.


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