A family tradition is to listen to the new year arrive around the world. In times past, this was done with a shortwave radio my dad has from his childhood. Now the internet allows one to do the searching far more efficiently and quickly.We missed most of Oceania and Australia, but eventually¬† I’ll be bringing you links to catch new years in various countries, with interruptions for family events since it is also my father’s birthday.

10:00 EST brings new years to places such as Tokyo,Japan and Seoul, South Korea.

After a major delay we are back.

4:00 brings new years to Moscow, Minsk, Kenya, ect.

We are listing to the Voice of Russia in hopes of catching the new year countdown.

Next is Eastern Europe and Central/Eastern Africa.

You have a variety of options:

Perhaps a station from South Africa.

Or a station from Ukraine.



Or maybe Lativa?

We’re going to try South Africa.