New Plan

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I’m toying with restarting this blog. The idea is to look at the life of a graduate student in science with the sort of perspective that comes from being Catholic-I want to write about wonder, which was always my plan, and curiosity, and how¬† the approach towards the universe which Catholicism has taught me changes the way I view my studies and research. I don’t intend to write a “Religion and Science Blog”. This is simply a blog reflecting on what it’s like to be a graduate student. Blogs are like journals, except they’re not private and therefore open to discussion. That’s what I want. To have discussions.



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Well the semester has been busy but I still exist. I resolve to return to this once exams end next week.

The Aftermath

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2+ Feet of Snow piled along sidewalks

A snowy sidwalk in Brookland after the North American Blizzard of 2010.

Snowy sidwalks in Washington DC

Piles of snow in Brookland